Rules & Classes

There will be NO 2019 Gainesville Archery Club Shooter of the Year!

  1. You must stay in the same class. No scores will be transferred between classes.
  2. Each shooter will be able to drop their lowest score. If a shooter misses one shoot, then that shooter is still eligible for the GAC Shooter of the Year.
  3. All classes will be eligible except for True Novice because of the move up rule.

2019 Gainesville Archery Club Rules

- Equipment and bow speed may be checked at any time!

- Gainesville Archery Club speed limits are listed with each class.

- Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated ( littering, bad language, temper tantrums etc.) 1st Offense-warning; 2ndOffense- disqualified from tournament; 3rd Offense- ban for one year of competition

- Time limits will be enforced- 1st Shooter has 2 minutes, each shooter there after will have 1 minute in that group to make their shot. Warnings will be given to groups holding up the progression of other groups.

- Shooters found pushing over targets, pushing targets apart, or putting debris in the shooting lanes will be disqualified from the tournament plus the next 3 shoots. The group will also be disqualified from the tournament.

- Shooting groups will have no more than 5 shooters and no less than 3 shooters in a group. Shooter groups can be busted up at any time for size or time infractions. no more than 4 open shooters in a group

- Arrows must be touching the line in order to be scored with the higher score.

 - If you win a trophy or money it must be picked up by the next shoot of that host club or risk forfeiting that trophy or money.

- Anyone disqualified for any reason will forfeit all SOY points and standings. NO EXCEPTIONS!

- Each target has two (2) 12-rings. At each target the lower 12-ring will be in play initially for all shooters. At each individual target a shooter may elect to have the upper 12-ring scored by announcing their intention to shoot for it. Upon announcing their election to shoot the upper 12-ring the scorekeepers will acknowledge and note this election, and the lower 12-ring will no longer be in play to be scored for that shooter on that individual target only.

- Shooters will be allowed to shoot 2 rounds during a tournament. The said shooter must shoot an unknown class first and then shoot a known class second. Shooters will not be allowed to shoot in the same class twice. Score cards from the first round must be turned in prior to shooting the second round or the said shooter will be disqualified from the tournament.

2019 Gainesville Archery Club Classes

Class                    Cost         Distance                   Equipment

Open Money $                $20      50 yard max unkown           Any Equipment 290 FPS

Known Money $              $20      50 yard max known            Any Equipment 290 FPS

Women’s  Open $            $20      40 yard max unknown        Any Equipment 280 FPS

Women’s Known $          $20      40 yard max known            Any Equipment 280 FPS

Senior Open $                 $20      40 yard max unknown        Any Equipment 290 FPS 50 y/o and over

Senior Known $               $20      40 yard max known            Any Equipment 290 FPS 50 y/o and over

Known Trophy                 $15      40 yard max known            Any Equipment 280 FPS

Open Trophy                    $15      40 yard max unknown        Any Equipment 280 FPS

Unlimited Hunter             $15      40 yard max known             Any Equipment, 12” Stabilizer max & No speed limit 

Crossbow                         $15      40 yard max known           Any crossbow setup 330 FPS

Hunter                              $15      40 yard max unknown       Any sights, Magnification, 12” Stabilizer max & 280 FPS

Young Adult                     $15      40 yard max unknown        Any equipment 280 FPS 18 y/o and under

Women’s Hunter             $15      30 yard max known           Any sight, 12” Stabilizer max & 260 FPS

Novice                              $15      30 yard known                  Any sight, 12” Stabilizer, No magnification & No speed limit

Youth                                $15      20 yard unknown              Any equipment 240 FPS 14 y/o and under

Traditional                        $15      20 yard unknown              Fingers, long bow or recurve & No speed limit

Cub                                   Free      15 yard max known          Any Equipment No speed limit 11 y/o and under

Shooting stake colors

Orange - 50 yard max (Open Money and Known Money)

Red - 40 yard max (Women’s Open & Known, Senior Open & Known, Open & Known Trophy, Unlimited Hunter & Hunter Crossbow and Young Adult)

Blue - 30 yard max (Women’s Hunter and Novice)

Yellow - 20 yard max (Youth and Traditional)

Money classes are designated with a $ symbol. 50% payback. Payback 1st only with 7 shooters or less, 2nd with 10 shooters or less (70% of payback to first 30% to second), 11 shooters or more pay 3 places (60%, 25%, 15%).

Trophy Classes only 1st place trophy with minimum of 3 shooters, 2nd with 5 or more shooters, and 3rd with 7 or more shooters.

GAC 2019