Club History

Thank you for your interest in the Gainesville Archery Club. The Gainesville Archery Club is one of the oldest archery clubs in the North Georgia area. The Club is a non-profit organization. All money taken in is used for the purchase of materials to help the club function or is given to Charity. The Gainesville Archery Club is a Member of the Archery Shooters Association (ASA) from which many of the club rules and formats are derived from. 

At the present time the Gainesville Archery Club uses property located on Calvary Church Road for its shoots. This property is owned by the Hall County School System. The school system allows the club to use the property for archery shoots only.

The Gainesville Archery Club does not offer archery instruction classes. Please check with the local archery shops in your area for archery instructional classes.

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